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Replacement Therapy

by Lawn Care

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Thanks to our friends and family for making this album possible. Thanks to the many educators and therapists (professional and otherwise) who continue to inspire us and help us become better people. Thanks particularly to the residents of The Sickhouse for letting us make loud noise in their home for many months, Jackson Boytim and Brett Shumaker for booking us on the coolest gigs, Derek Zanetti of The Homeless Gospel Choir for being our #1 cheerleader and a force for good, A-F Records and Chris Stowe for believing in us and this album, and to the incredible music community of Pittsburgh. Finally, thanks to you for listening.


released July 21, 2017

All songs written by Cameron LeViere.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Matt Very at Very Tight Recordings in Sharpsburg, PA.
Performed by:
Cameron LeViere on Guitar and Vocals
Harrison Thurman on Bass Guitar and Vocals
John Paul Zigterman on Drums
Ryan Ruff on Trumpet
Omri Barack on Trumpet
Matt Very on Alto Saxophone
Backing vocals by Jackson Boytim, Laura Lee Burkhardt, Drew Clouse, Tatiana Farfan-Narcisse, James Ikeda, Joey Schuler, and Derek Zanetti
Album art by Louie Demarco

“Farmer’s Tan” features a lyric inspired by “Never Trust A Man Without A Horribly Embarrassing Secret” by Bomb The Music Industry!
“If You Die In The Summer, You Die In Real Life” features a recording of Cameron’s Mom and Dad. Love yinz.
“Mister Sunshine” features a sample from the movie Little Miss Sunshine.
“Replacement Therapy” features a sample from the poem "Substances" by Jack McCarthy.



all rights reserved


Lawn Care Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Kinda-mathy sorta-punk from Pittsburgh, PA.
We are the Microsoft Excel of DIY.


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Track Name: Hard To Change
Oh my god, it’s fucking hard to change
When all the things that feel like home
Lead to an early grave
And god knows
There’s just not enough time in the day
‘Cause days they just keep adding up
Till soon enough you’re in a rut
Where nothing quite feels new to you
And what you’re used to ain’t enough
The fear consumes something like love
Then an empty hollow self
That you’re stuck with in the morning
In the mirror brushing your teeth
Not as often as you should be

But you’re trying
Oh my god you’re trying
To live as if it’s worth it
Yeah you’re trying
Oh my god you’re trying
To live as if you want to live
Track Name: Regret Accountant
One eye open
One foot in the grave
I am a regret accountant
Who couldn’t tell you what he’d change
And sure I still perseverate
On my mistakes
So now begins the real work
Of learning it’s to too late

When I said i was sick of being here
I wasn’t talking about college
When I said you should come and visit me
Well, you better leave your expectations with your baggage

‘Cause if you show up at my doorstep
Sure as hell I’ll let you in
But I’m not sure of where we’re going
And I don’t care for where we’ve been
There’s a certain sort of beauty
Underlying indecision
If there’s such a thing as love
Than it’s the sickly sweet addiction

Get out of my head!
Track Name: Farmers Tan
I’ve always wanted to be
A happy well-adjusted human being
(Thanks Jeff!)
Maybe it would help
If I weren’t such a fucking asshole to myself
I wouldn’t do this to anyone else

My stomach is full of terrible things
Like coffee, McDonald’s, and amphetamines
There’s cancer in my lungs that’s waiting to be
If I don’t stop living this way

I’ll probably always have a farmer’s tan
I’ll probably always smoke cigarettes
I’ll probably always wish that I could live a little better
But life is hard to lead without regrets

Things are gonna change
Damn right they’re gonna change
And I can’t fucking wait until they do
Yeah I am gonna change
I swear I’m gonna change
I swear I’m gonna change pretty soon
Track Name: Rust Belt
Well feelings are one thing
But plans they are another
Are we fucking ourselves
By fucking each other?
And I’ve been spreading myself way to thinly
Across a continent
That wants to bankrupt me with geography

I would love to go
To The Gathering of the Juggalos
‘Cause you’re the midwest
I’m a rust belt version of myself
Sure, I’d love to go see
Joyce Manor in Toronto
‘Cause there’s a girl in Saskatoon
I’m dying to get to know

But I’m still unemployed

So when I’m leaving
I won’t say I’m sorry
It seems kind of silly to apologize
For being another body
Trapped by fiscal limitations
And sexual frustrations
Physics, hesitation
I need a damn vacation!
From this constant need for things to be okay

So hope you don't forget me
But everything is fleeting
And distance has no meaning
When you really start measuring your days
Track Name: Four Day Weekend
Let’s see how much potential we can waste
Waking up at 4 PM we’re drunk as fuck by 8
Relationships we’re slacking on
A constant sense that something’s wrong
I never get a damn thing done
Just promise me we're having fun

Let’s plan on going out and seeing parts of town
We’ve never seen before and and may well never see again
Let’s plan on spending money on a weekend well-deserved
But when it comes to sticking to our plans
Who’s got that kind of nerve?

Let’s plan on starting bands
Let’s plan on seeing shows
Let’s fight our apathy like Sisyphus is rolling stones
Am I a piece of shit?
Or can I file this under trying to get my priorities straight?

And all the things you wish that you could change
Responsibilities weigh
On a tired maladjusted brain
Let’s stay in bed a while
We are young let’s sacrifice today to our inner child
We don’t do anything that we don’t have to

And the road to hell is paved with Taco Bell and Mountain Dew
Empty bottles
Former friendships
Sliding out of view
“I’m a child
I’m disabled
This is way too much”
All this hiding
All this fear
Is more than just a crutch

It is truth
It is life
It is waiting to die
It’s one four-day weekend just passing us by
It’s one four-day weekend
(Eternal Kickflip)
Track Name: Biddy Lounge Song
I'm gonna go all winter without wearing gloves
I'm gonna smoke my hands into oblivion
And every nerve ending will know exactly how I feel
I'm gonna cut my losses and just give up
I've waited 'round too long to only end up fucked
Because time is the one thing
That you can never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever get back

Maybe if I had a little patience
And maybe if I had a little time
Then I could deal with everybody's bullshit
And honestly tell people that I'm fine

But everyone's got problems
Some that they'll never solve
I've seen enough to know now
Nothing ever gets resolved
Well if you're feeling kinda empty
Then at least you're not alone
We can drink and smoke in my room
We can all just piss and moan

It's colder now, within, without
I want to know what I'm about
Past drinking on porches and drinking on roofs
Because now that it's winter I don't know what to do
But sit inside and kill some time
I'll just sit inside and kill some time
I'm just paralyzed, overanalyze,
I'll just sit inside and kill some time

I'm gonna cut my losses and just give up
I'm gonna cut my losses and just give up
I'm gonna cut my losses and just give up
Can someone please just tell me how I can give up?

Because everyone's got problems
Some that they'll never solve
I've seen enough to know now
Nothing ever gets resolved
Well if you're feeling kinda empty
Then at least you're not alone
We can drink and smoke in my room
And feel a little less alone
Track Name: Disarming Smile
I need to work on my disarming smile
Because it's been a long long while
Since anybody smiled back at me.
They always say, "I guess you're pretty cute,
But not enough to not be charming,
You better make me laugh or your will die alone."
And I can't think of things much worse than being alone.
Track Name: If You Die In The Summer, You Die In Real Life
I'm a different person
In every state I'm in
Proving that beer is the cure to small talk
Across the country with my best friends

I'm not getting any younger
I've been killing all my summers

Yeah this is life
Yeah this is life alright.

It's three a.m., I'm stranded at a gas station
Buying smokes because I hate my lungs
Make eye contact with some middle manager in a business suit who tells me "fuck 'em, just go be young."

I'm not getting any younger.
I've been killing my last summer
And I swear to God I mean it this time, these are the best days of my life.

And maybe in ten years I'll look back and say, "Things weren't that great,
All you really did was get drunk and flirt with folks in a couple states"
Or maybe I'll look back and say, "For once you didn't piss your life away."

Never get tired, never get old
Live like it's summer even after it starts to get cold
Now I'm back in Pittsburgh and those bastards know how to have
A goddamned punk rock show
So go to hell, go to hell, go to hell everyone I know
I'll see everybody there
I'm not living healthy but I'm living well
Sometimes I just can't tell what's good or right or fair

Never get tired, live like it's summer
Never get tired, live like it's summer
Never get tired, never get tired
Never get tired, live like it's summer
Never get tired, live like it's summer
Live like it's summer
Live like it's summer
Life like it's summer
Your life's one big summer.
Track Name: Excelsior
I really don't know what I'm doing

Pound the pavement, see what sticks
Change your story, get your fix
'Cause hopefully you know by now
I'm pretty sure things won't work out
We're living by contingency
Well I guess it works, but it's tiring


And it never stops, there's no relief
From all this biting our own teeth
Let's write it off as decent grief
Well I guess that's good enough for me
Track Name: Mister Sunshine
I'm setting myself a goal
Of finding a girl with similar views on sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll
And I may never find a perfect match
'Cause there's always a problem, there's always a fucking catch
And I'm not perfect
Not even close
I'm just a person
I'm just a ghost

My old English teacher is going off the deep end
I think he's losing his mind in the divorce
Says he's starting all of his classes by telling a bunch of high school kids:
"High school? Those are your prime suffering years
Don’t get better suffering than that!"

Do you have even the fuzziest notion of how I feel about you?
Because I'm not sure even I do
Can't say a word, won't say a word
But I'll try three:
I love you

I'm sorry
About my feelings
Can you make them disappear?
Can you take away my fear?
Can you make me a better man?
Nope! That’s something I gotta do for myself.
Track Name: I Guess This Is Goodbye
I liked you better when you were depressed
That's a shit thing to say, but now you've gone away
And I miss being able to count on your head on my chest
Looks like you're having fun
It's not that it's without me, I think that it might be
The way that you've found yourself while I still feel like no one
How can we say we're friends?
When the truth is we're lovers, resentful and stubborn,
Unable or willing to bring things to a graceful end
It's a hard thing to prove
That anything's worth it when all is imperfect
As if we had anything that we weren't destined to lose

And rest assured, I will act out of spite
Lash out at a lover as if it's her fault
That the nature of things is for nothing to work out alright
I just wanna move on
To Ohio and Pittsburgh, dream of San Francisco
With Daryl and Tom, paychecks, taxes, grad school, and sunlight

Have a beer for me
Don't try to track me down
I'm done with the Midwest and all that that entails
I won't be back around

So was it the distance, or was it the time
That finally did it and changed both our minds?
The past is the past dear, or so I will say
But you and I both know that some things never, ever, ever go away

And all the pain we could ever endure
Crushed under the weight of the appeal of feeling secure
Say that you feel the same, I've spent months feeling sick
A round hole, a square peg, and somebody else's dick
So go if you're leaving then, say hi to Matt and Carolyn
I'll be here waiting if you ever want to talk to me again
Track Name: Replacement Therapy
Oh my god
It’s fucking hard to change
But I’ve got nothing left but time
With which to try new ways

And maybe God has counted up the wasted days
That I reflect on lovingly
For teaching me to not concede
To that familiar hurt incurred
By a litany of wants and needs
This is replacement therapy

And you’re still stuck with yourself
You’re okay with being boring
You brush your teeth and even floss
Every single goddamn morning

And you’re trying
Oh my god you’re trying
To live as if it’s worth it
Yeah you’re trying
Oh my god you’re trying
To live as if you want to live

But all the same
It’s hard to change