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I Guess This Is Goodbye

from by Lawn Care



I liked you better when you were depressed
That's a shit thing to say, but now you've gone away
And I miss being able to count on your head on my chest
Looks like you're having fun
It's not that it's without me, I think that it might be
The way that you've found yourself while I still feel like no one
How can we say we're friends?
When the truth is we're lovers, resentful and stubborn,
Unable or willing to bring things to a graceful end
It's a hard thing to prove
That anything's worth it when all is imperfect
As if we had anything that we weren't destined to lose

And rest assured, I will act out of spite
Lash out at a lover as if it's her fault
That the nature of things is for nothing to work out alright
I just wanna move on
To Ohio and Pittsburgh, dream of San Francisco
With Daryl and Tom, paychecks, taxes, grad school, and sunlight

Have a beer for me
Don't try to track me down
I'm done with the Midwest and all that that entails
I won't be back around

So was it the distance, or was it the time
That finally did it and changed both our minds?
The past is the past dear, or so I will say
But you and I both know that some things never, ever, ever go away

And all the pain we could ever endure
Crushed under the weight of the appeal of feeling secure
Say that you feel the same, I've spent months feeling sick
A round hole, a square peg, and somebody else's dick
So go if you're leaving then, say hi to Matt and Carolyn
I'll be here waiting if you ever want to talk to me again


from Replacement Therapy, released July 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Lawn Care Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Kinda-mathy sorta-punk from Pittsburgh, PA.
We are the Microsoft Excel of DIY.


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