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Four Day Weekend

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Let’s see how much potential we can waste
Waking up at 4 PM we’re drunk as fuck by 8
Relationships we’re slacking on
A constant sense that something’s wrong
I never get a damn thing done
Just promise me we're having fun

Let’s plan on going out and seeing parts of town
We’ve never seen before and and may well never see again
Let’s plan on spending money on a weekend well-deserved
But when it comes to sticking to our plans
Who’s got that kind of nerve?

Let’s plan on starting bands
Let’s plan on seeing shows
Let’s fight our apathy like Sisyphus is rolling stones
Am I a piece of shit?
Or can I file this under trying to get my priorities straight?

And all the things you wish that you could change
Responsibilities weigh
On a tired maladjusted brain
Let’s stay in bed a while
We are young let’s sacrifice today to our inner child
We don’t do anything that we don’t have to

And the road to hell is paved with Taco Bell and Mountain Dew
Empty bottles
Former friendships
Sliding out of view
“I’m a child
I’m disabled
This is way too much”
All this hiding
All this fear
Is more than just a crutch

It is truth
It is life
It is waiting to die
It’s one four-day weekend just passing us by
It’s one four-day weekend
(Eternal Kickflip)


from Replacement Therapy, released July 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Lawn Care Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Kinda-mathy sorta-punk from Pittsburgh, PA.
We are the Microsoft Excel of DIY.


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